Where do you start ?

Planning a world trip might be a relatively simlpe undertaking for a student or young adult travelling alone or with friends. Add children into the mix and it gets a whole lot harder – and considerably more expensive.

So think about where you want to go. Then think about why you want to go to particular countries / areas, and how you might get about (plane / train / bus / camper / bike – or all of these!)

  • Are they compatible with your children ?
  • Are they safe places to visit ?
  • Is the disease / Malaria risk high ?

This decision process will affect your planning and help you narrow down your list of destinations.

If you are considering round-the-world flight tickets, the number of continents and overall mileage will impact on the price so talk to a travel agency for route ideas and cost estimates.

Budget your trip

A gap year, or even a shorter adventure is going to be an expensive undertaking, so primarily, it’s all about finances. As well as budgeting for the cost of travel, accommodation, excursions, eating etc, you should consider what the cost of not living at home is going to look like.

This page is primarily about early considerations for budgeting with a focus on loss of income (assuming that you’ll be quitting your job, or arranging a sabbatical) and outgoings that will need to continue in your home country in your absence.

Costs whilst away from home

(Don’t let these put you off – yet. Where there’s a will, there’s a way..)
  • Rental / Mortgage payments while you’re away.
  • Services you may want to keep going in your absence (e.g. electricity & internet, esp if you have home security devices you’ll want to check up on)
  • Away from home insurance.
  • Vehicle insurance (if you plan to keep it/garage it) and any related costs
  • Mobile phone costs (your normal mobile will probably be your emergency contact), while you will want to be buying SIM cards in the countries that you travel to.

Things to cancel

  • Club memberships
  • Internet TV subscriptions
  • Software/App subscriptions that you won’t need
  • Amazon prime etc.
  • Consider cancelling regular charity donations
  • If you have a high-bandwidth broadband / TV subscription, consider changing to a much cheaper plan, there are plenty out there..

Other things to consider:

  • Backup your computer & consider giving it to someone to look after while you’re away
  • Consider what to do about any valuables that you have (asking family members to look after etc.)
  • Backup passwords to the cloud (use a password manager to ensure encryption)
  • If you have a mortgage on your home, you’ll probably need to tell them about your loss or change of income.
  • Do you need to keep your water / electricity / gas supply on ? (There may be insurance benefits in ensuring that these are off/disconnected)

If your budget is really tight you may need to consider:

  • Selling your car(s), and cancelling insurance (check about keeping any no-claims bonuses with your insurer)
  • Renting out your home while you’re away

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